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Leucillin Eye and Ear Dropper 50ml

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Features and Benefits

Effective on all mammalian animals

Kills germs instantly by destroying the bacteria on contact

Works in harmony the body’s immune system

Contains NO steroids, antibiotics or alcohols

Maintains healthy itch-free skin

Non-toxic, skin pH neutral, 100% safe

Does not sting or irritate the eyes and ears

Can be used to remove tear stains

Does not require rinsing


Leucillin is specially formulated for the health and skincare of your animal and has proven anti-bacterial, anti-viral and anti-fungal Technology.

Suitable for use on all mammals, birds and reptiles; Leucillin is an innovative, reliable and affordable solution for a wide variety of skin types. Leucillin out-performs other products with its ability to kill up to 99.99999% of germs. Leucillin is used to clean and flush minor wounds, Leucillin is soothing to sensitive skin, yet provides you with a powerful solution. Leucillin Antiseptic Skincare is a high efficacy, broad spectrum antiseptic; it requires minimal contact time and is safe for any topical application. Leucillin has an extensive range of applications including first aid, post-surgical sites, stubborn infections, effective allergy management, ear and eye infections and as a general purpose antiseptic. it provides a safe, skin pH neutral, non-toxic, non-irritant solution for use on all skin types.

From a horse to a hamster, Leucillin is fast, safe and incredibly effective.


Water, Hypochlorous acid, Sodium Chloride

Directions of use

Apply Leucillin liberally directly to the affected area. Repeat up to 3 times per day. No rinsing is required.

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