Ciao Pon Churu Chicken Fillet

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Ciao Pon Churu Chicken Fillet 35g x 2
  • $5.40

  • $5.40

Product Description Brief: CIAO Pon Churu is the first-in-the-world CUP CAT TREAT! Each pack of Pon Churu comes with 2 cups, so your cat can enjoy double the delight! Made with sustainably-caught deep-sea tuna that is certified dolphin-safe – Pon Churu Tuna is a must-try for all cats, especially if they love fishy treats and food! They’ll be getting the best quality of tuna in a single cup! Add in CIAO Pon Churu into your cat’s everyday treat time or meal time, we’re sure they’ll love it as it’s highly palatable. It also provides much-needed moisture to ensure your cats stay hydrated all the time! Key Features: - First-in-the-world mini cup cat treat! - Feed as an individual treat, topper for dry food or meal mixer - 100% Premium Human-Grade Ingredients - Unique premium packaging using latest technology - Suitable for all cats of all life stages and all breeds - Made with sustainably-caught deep-sea tuna certified dolphin-safe - Contains Green Tea Extract and Vitamin E for stronger immune system and functional benefits

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