What are Lab Blocks

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What Are Lab Blocks

What are Lab Blocks

The term “Lab Block” usually refers to the diet given to laboratory animals where the composition of the blocks is tailored to the type of animal you’re feeding.  The appearance of lab blocks is very much identical. They are usually cylindrical or rectangular pellets that are about one-inch-long and half an inch in depth, most are greenish- brownish in color.

Lab Blocks are usually a little harder and more fibrous than dog biscuits. The theory behind the manufacture of such blocks is that the full complement of nutrients and vitamins can be synthesized from plant and animal sources, which are processed into a paste that is then dried and shaped for uniformity.

This particular uniformity is the key to their use. Lab blocks provide a level of control when dealing with animals being bred specifically for scientific experimentation. If the type or amount of food varies from animal to animal, blood chemistry results from those animals cannot be legitimately compared.

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Our pets will tend to pick and choose from among the mixture of ingredients in the standard bag assortment, and as a result may feed themselves an unbalanced diet, with too many starches and carbohydrates and not enough protein, minerals and amino acids. By limiting their choice to choose, the Lab Blocks ensure our pets consumes a complete and healthy nutritional food. Good quality blocks are an easy and healthy way to ensure your rodents get the proper nutrition.

The Blocks are also nice and hard which will act as a gnawing stone. This will keep your rodent’s teeth good and trim. You are also able to use the powdered form of these blocks as supplements. By collecting the powder leftover from your packet, mixing them with goat/cow milk and feeding it to your rodents. For us, it works especially well with our lactating dams or sick rodents.

That’s pretty much about Lab Blocks =)

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Adapted from original author: David Imber

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