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Rat Mouse Hamster Gathering 2019


Rodent owners admittedly get lesser recognition than feline and canine owners due to the lack of popularity. Therefore, this event was a good opportunity to gather fans of the precious little furry creatures together so they can make more friends with the same interests.


The session was kick started by Ms Lily Chua, who introduced laboratory diets, which are more nutritionally balanced and yet not very well known in Singapore. With the increase in emphasis on healthy, quality diets for pets in Singapore, this was a good opportunity to increase owners’ knowledge of the choices available in Singapore, as well as to facilitate the making of informed decisions in diet selection. Extensive research has been done on these laboratory diets and these studies were duly presented. The food products were also sold in different sizes and very affordable prices, allowing owners to purchase smaller bags for their pets to try first.


Hamsters were allowed at the event, and some hamsters were brought along for socialization in a safe environment with fellow pet owners. The owners of the hamsters kept the hamster under close supervision and hamsters were not allowed to get stressed. It also gave potential owners a chance to interact with hamsters and get hands-on experience handling them.


Next, Dr Frederic Chua from Allpets and Aqualife Vets presented a talk on common conditions found in all three species, such as the lumps, and the differences between abscesses, cysts and tumours. (click link for more information on what was shared during the talk). The slides were informative and had pictures for better representation.


Participants were quizzed on their understanding of the topics discussed with an application called Kahoot!, which was a game where fastest fingers were awarded the highest points. Top 3 participants were presented goody bags as well.


Dr Chua also answered questions from participants. There was a link in which participants were able to post questions before the event itself so they had ample time to think of questions they want to ask. It was an interactive session, where the participant who posted the question had the opportunity to elaborate or ask more based on the answers given.

We hope that the participants took home valuable knowledge and made friends, and hope to see them again at future talks.


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